Sunday, September 16, 2012

Unreal Volume


Unreal Volume
Yello - Unreal
MARRS - Pump Up The Volume
4:26 / 320 kbps

After my summer vacation, and before I was able to get back to producing the next mash-up track for my movie soundtrack series, I was tempted and seduced into producing this mash-up track for Sound-Unsound's 80's Mashed 2 compilation project.

Some of you may recognize pieces of this track from a second version of my very first mash-up production, Thinking About Pumping Up the Volume (Touched by Love Unreal Mix). I was never happy with that version, as it sounded like two different songs mixed like a DJ mix instead of a mash-up, and some vocals just seemed to be slapped in between other vocals.

So this was an opportunity to take an old idea and give it a proper mash-up production. And, unlike my first production, I made use of the original MARRS sample pack to produce this track, which allowed me to do a few different things with those sources, and it provided me with a little more control over the final sound.

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