Friday, March 22, 2013

Joining the Ranks of Mashup Industries

Mashup Industries

At the end of January, I had accepted a position as a new mercenary mash-up producer in the ranks of Mashup Industries (I guess I'm MI-7).

It's quite a privilege to be included as a member of a group of mash-up producers known for their quality mash-up productions. With mash-up producers such as DJ Clivester, Marc Johnce, DJ Schmolli, Dan Mei, Krazy Ben, and CjR Mix, I look forward to contributing to the high quality and diverse productions that's synonymous with the Mashup Industries label.

This announcement comes a few days before the release of my first mash-up track under the Mashup Industries label. February and March have been busy months for me, but I managed to squeeze in some time for mash-up production work and my next catchy little number.

Although I'm now a member of Mashup Industries, I'll still continue to update this blog with my latest productions and news.

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