Friday, September 7, 2012

80's Mashed 2 Compilation

Sound-Unsound has just released their new mash-up compilation project, 80's Mashed 2, containing 54 tracks totalling almost 4 hours of mash-up music. As hinted by the title of the project, each mash-up track contains one or more tunes from the euphonious 80's.

The first song leading this huge pack of tracks is Unreal Volume by yours truly, where sources from MARRS and Yello mix it up to kick things off with an 80's house rhythm.

You can grab more details, track listings, previews, and download links from the project host site at

Or you can also view the Sound-Unsound forum.

1 comment:

bugulp said...

Great compilation. Love hearing stuff like this. Thanks.