Saturday, February 28, 2009

L'Éternel Enfant Roi

L-Eternel Enfant Roi

L'Éternel Enfant Roi
Noir Désir - L'Enfant Roi
Yello - Eternal Legs

Preview and download now available here...

You won't find a play button or download link here for this mashup track because L'Éternel Enfant Roi (aka: The Eternal Child King) was included as an exclusive mashup track in the Ramdom Thoughts podcast show #138 released this weekend.

It's a pre-release track to the upcoming compilation mashup album, Beautiful Boots, which is planned for release at the end of March. The release of this compilation is being coordinated by DJ Useo, and you'll find the release at Groovy Time With DJ Useo when it's ready.

So if you want to hear this track for a sneak peek at Beautiful Boots, head over to Ramdom Thoughts to download podcast show #138 or subscribe to it through iTunes. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until Beautiful Boots is released.

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