Thursday, April 26, 2012

The 4th Point of Procrastination Genre-Smashed Compilation

The 4th Point of Procrastination

Once again, Chris "Envision" Manning has released his 4th annual genre-smashed mash-up compilation album, called The 4th Point of Procrastination. It contains 60 tracks from 35 fabulous DJ's and mash-up producers.

I've finally produced a new mash-up track, called Earthly Temple of My Bonnie, which you'll find on this compilation (track #30). It's been a year since I've produced anything, and in fact, my last track was released on last year's smash the genre compilation. I was evaluating new music production software for myself and some of the test sources that I set up for the evaluation had started to come together into an actual mix. It was an ideal track for Envision's compilation, so I polished it off and submitted if for this compilation.

You can download the entire compilation album with my new mash-up track at

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