Thursday, March 27, 2008

Feedback Inside the Robots

Feedback Inside the Robots

The inspiration for this mashup came to me when I was listening to Come Inside by The Thompson Twins. At the 1:49 mark in the song, I heard the 4-measure sample of the intro from The Robots by Kraftwerk hidden as a faint background layer in the first lull of the song. I scoured the rest of the song for other Kraftwerk samples, and that was the only sample tucked away in the song. The sample was also left unaltered... Come Inside is slightly slower than The Robots, and the speed of the sample was left at its original speed. So the sample in the Thompson Twins song is actually slightly OOT (out of time) and slightly off beat in order to "fit in".

Of course, after hearing this short little Kraftwerk sample tucked away in a Thompson Twins song, I figured a full mashup was in order. Listen for a few subtle gems I've added in the form of short excerpts from Robot Rock by Daft Punk and Robot Girl by Was (Not Was). And I left the original Kraftwerk sample in the mashup, which you'll find at the 2:15 mark.

Feedback Inside the Robots
The Thompson Twins - Come Inside (Feedback Max Remix)
Kraftwerk - The Robots
6:54 / 192 kbps / 9.6 MB

Download the MP3 file here.


Pops and Scratches said...

Beautifully Krafted I love it. Thanks for this.

QUBIC said...

Thanks and you're welcome, pops and scratches.

artofmarty said...

Wow kimosabi, this Boot BYTES!