Monday, April 25, 2011

The 3rd World Annual Genre-Smashed Compilation

The 3rd World Annual Genre-Smashed Compilation

The 3rd World Annual Genre-Smashed Compilation mash-up album, compiled and presented by Envision, was officially released earlier today, containing 44 tracks from 29 DJ's and mash-up producers. The theme... Smash the genre and bring the track(s) into a new world of sound.

What is the real meaning of the theme? The idea is to take two or more original songs and combine them into a mash-up production such that the resulting genre is different than the genre of the original songs. Or more commonly... the resulting mash-up production is a different genre than the original genre of the predominant vocals.

Why am I promoting this compilation? I produced a zany psycho funketronic mash-up track, called Night Cry (Early Bird Edition), as well as a video to go along with it, which have both been released on this compilation.

You can watch my video and download the entire album (with my zany mash-up track) at


tweylo said...

Hi Qubic! Just had a listen to it at SUS. It´s just brilliant, you couldn't done it better. It shows your superb skills combined with extraordinary creativity.
I take my hat off!

QUBIC said...

Thanks for the listen and the very flattering comments. I was beginning to wonder if anyone else actually reached my song on that comp since there are so many songs on it.

Angus said...

The links broken :(

QUBIC said...

Thanks for pointing out the broken link. Mr. Envision changed his website recently and moved the compilation listing to a new page. I've updated the link, so you should be able to find the comp now.