Monday, November 16, 2009

Continuum 08: the Music & the Mixes

Continuum 08

Continuum 08 is a collection of remastered mashup singles and mixes that I had originally produced in 2008, plus a collection of mashup videos produced by myself and a few other producers. It commemorates my commitment to continuously trying to improve my production skills as well as my continuously growing interest in music mashup production (and now mashup video production as well).

I spent several months this year learning how to improve my audio extraction and mastering techniques, and what better way to do that than figure it out on pieces I've already completed. Thus, all the music in this collection has been remastered in 320 kbps audio.

My original intent was to have this project completed by April 2009, but a few personal situations delayed the project. My sincere apologies go to the other producers (BorisB, Guv'nor, and The Reborn Identity), who produced videos for this project back in February/March and had to wait until now to see them released. I thank them for their immense patience.

Continuum 08 is contained within 3 albums for your listening, viewing, and downloading pleasure:

  1. Continuum 08: the Music
  2. Continuum 08: the Mixes
  3. Continuum 08: the Videos

Consequently, there are 3 download packages - one for each album. Each album download package includes the music tracks (or video tracks), a digital booklet (in PDF, which can be added to your iTunes library), a paper CD case (in PDF, with printing and folding instructions), and some digital cover art.

As part of this release, all the cover art for each mashup single has been recreated in 3D and only included in the digital booklets contained within the download packages.

You can listen to and download the individual tracks using the Fairtilizer music players below. Or click on the album download links to download the music tracks with all the extra goodies. Note that the Videos album package is not listed below because it will be presented in a separate blog posting.

Download the Continuum 08: the Music album package. (112.87MB)

Download the Continuum 08: the Mixes album package. (216.85MB)

Also check out Continuum 08: the Videos.