Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pumping Up the Video

It's been a long time (over 4 months actually) since I've posted anything here, which means it's been quite a while since I've released any music production material. And I've been very quiet on the mashup/remix forums, too.

That's because, since January this year, I've been quite busy working on a project geared towards improving some of my production skills. But I didn't want to be the only one having fun with this project. I also invited a few producers to join in the fun. Boris, DJ Dylan, Guv'nor, and Reborn Identity are contributing some interesting videos to accompany this project.

In the middle of that project (in April), I got caught up in a creative contest that sucked my spare time dry until June, so my project was basically in a holding state throughout that contest. Although I didn't win a prize, it presented some interesting production opportunities with other producers/musicians that I hope I'll be able to show in 4-6 months from now.

When I started working on my project again in June, I decided it was also time to start having some fun with video mashup production. I decided that I'd tackle 2 videos for this project of mine. As it turns out, a few weeks ago an unfinished version of one of those videos was leaked out. Instead of fighting it, I thought I'd get the video completed and release it as a bit of a prelude to the release of the full project.

I present, from the upcoming release, Continuum 08, the video for Thinking About Pumping Up the Volume...

It's also available on vimeo.

For those of you who are curious, I've uploaded the unfinished version of the video that had been leaked out a few weeks ago. You, too, can enjoy seeing some of story boarding ideas embedded in the unfinished video, and compare that with the final production. You can find the unfinished video version here .

Since this is my first video production, and I'm about to start the production of my second video for my Continuum 08 project, I welcome any comments or feedback about this video mashup production so I have some skills/issues to work on in my upcoming video productions.

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