Monday, December 1, 2008

I Won, I Won, I Won!

Morgan Page AudioPorn Central Trivia Contest

It's not everyday, nor every year for that matter, that I win a contest or lottery, especially one that requires reading, memory, a little Internet digging, and answering more than 1 question correctly. I have enough trouble remembering anything that happened over 3 days ago, so remembering a week's worth of posts by someone is a challenge. ;)

Thank goodness I found Morgan Page's VIP Blogger Series interesting and fairly short (thanks Morgan), so it was fun to read and (fairly) easy to remember. Ok, I'll admit I had to go back to a couple of postings to refresh my memory, but the effort paid off in the end.

The guys at Nettwerk had contacted me the day after the contest closing with the good news and to obtain my shipping info, and I had the prize package in my hands the following day. A big thanks to Lex and Brian at Nettwerk for their very courteous and prompt service (with a little help from the fast delivery service of Canada Post).

My kid immediately swiped the Peterson Tuners cap with the cool strobe logo on the front (mind you, I don't look good in baseball caps, so I was okay with that)... but no one else was getting the T-shirt! As for the StroboSoft software-based strobe tuner... it looks like my kid's going to start playing electric guitar very soon, so he and his friends are going to need to be tuned up.

I look forward to seeing additional informative and fun blogger series like this at APC, as well as other cool contests (who doesn't like free stuff?).


Anonymous said...

good win! although the pink recommendation...ugh.

Anonymous said...

Way to go!