Thursday, August 21, 2008

Feedback Inside the Robots (Morekraft-Lessewerk Mix)

Feedback Inside the Robots

I had a couple of bad-weather days during my vacation, so I thought I'd pick a small mashup project to work on... Create a new mix of a mashup that I previously produced.

When I first released Feedback Inside the Robots back in March, I had received some good constructive feedback from some of my peers on the mashup forums. But I was a bit "done" with working on this particular mashup for the time being and I needed a break from it, so I put it aside for a rainy day.

I started thinking about it again when I heard it on the Ramdom Thoughts #114 show at the end of July, and I thought about some of the feedback I had received. I then got the idea for a new mix instead of tweaking the original since my ideas would significantly change the sound of the mashup.

You'll find the new mix a bit punchier, faster, much shorter, and there's a bit more Kraftwerk vocals injected. The album art was also slightly altered for the new mix.

The new mix still includes the few subtle excerpts from Robot Rock by Daft Punk and Robot Girl by Was (Not Was), but it also includes an excerpt from Computer World by Kraftwerk (robots... computers... I couldn't resist).

For your listening convenience, both the new mix and the original mashup are included in the divShare music players below.

For your download convenience, I've packaged up the original mashup and the new mix into a zip file that you can download (the link is below the music players).

Please let me know what you think about the new mix by leaving a comment.

Feedback Inside the Robots (Morekraft-Lessewerk Mix)
The Thompson Twins - Come Inside (Feedback Max Remix)
Kraftwerk - The Robots
5:11 / 192 kbps / 7.3 MB

Feedback Inside the Robots (Original)
The Thompson Twins - Come Inside (Feedback Max Remix)
Kraftwerk - The Robots
6:54 / 192 kbps / 9.6 MB

Download the EP single album as a zip file, which includes the new mashup mix, the original mashup, and the album art.

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